With the Healing Teachings of Shamanism

I help you dissolve fears and blockages so that you can discover yourself and live a more fulfilled life.

Ralph Riedel - Schamanisches Training

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Learn to heal yourself energetically

Shamanic Self-Healing Course

  • Break your inner limitations
  • Become one with nature
  • Discover your true self


Discover more about spiritual energies, the divine world, and how they can assist you. Learn everything you need to know about shamanism and healing.

10,000 Subscribers: New episodes weekly.

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- Shaman - Mentor - Spiritual Teacher -

I am Ralph,

a trained shaman in two traditions (Blackfoot/Canada and the Andean tradition/Peru), a Qi-Gong teacher, meditation instructor, hypnotist, and trained in spiritual psychology.

My Mission: To help you tap into your full potential through the healing teachings of shamanism, leading you to a more fulfilled life.

My journey to becoming the shaman and energetic healer who guides you today was filled with personal challenges and growth. Previously, I worked as a deputy sales manager until a major crisis (burnout and chronic headaches) forced me to make a life-changing decision. I quit my job and embarked on a spiritual path, becoming a Kung Fu teacher and eventually a shaman.

Ready to start your journey? Join me and discover the transformative power of shamanism and spiritual healing.

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