Shamanic Self-Healing Course

Activate your inner Shaman

Learn to activate your self-healing powers and realign your life within weeks for a healthy, happy, and authentic existence.

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Do you recognize yourself?

Are you tired of struggling with the following challenges...

  • You feel this inner heaviness and restlessness daily, but so far, you haven't found a lasting solution for it.
  • Self-doubt and the feeling of living a life controlled by others, merely fulfilling others' expectations, are increasingly weighing you down.
  • You've lost the courage to show your true self.
  • Existential and exclusion fears are weighing you down inexorably.
  • The joy of life has disappeared, and at night, you wonder how to go on: you wish you could just "drop out" and start all over again.

(Liberate yourself from the heaviness)

Mentor, spiritual teacher, Shaman - Ralph Riedel
Ralph Riedel proven Expert

How would it feel if you...

  • had lightness in life as a daily standard and thus lived free from existential fears?
  • discovered an inner strength within you that daily strengthens you with self-love and self-confidence?
  • Found true alignment in life and followed your vision?
  • lived your true and authentic self without hiding?

Then you are in the right place as you read these lines.

It may seem unimaginable now, but in my more than 15 years of experience as a coach/shaman, I have seen that it is possible.

My Promise to You:

If you are truly serious and ready to work on yourself and seriously perform the exercises multiple times, this self-healing course can help you permanently change your life for the better.

With the knowledge gained, you will be able to free yourself from your inner blockages and create a life of lightness and abundance.

This knowledge is not just theoretical but will be deeply anchored in your consciousness over time, allowing you to find your true self.

Do you promise yourself to change your life?

Then the course will be a constant companion for you to lead a new life!

Take Your Chance Now

After the Shamanic Self-Healing Course, you will:

Break your inner limitations

Recognize and transform limitations that have been holding you back since childhood.

Let go of burdens

Learn how to permanently free yourself from burdensome things in your life.

Dissolve fears

Sustainably resolve your deep-seated fears and blockages.

Feel self-worth and primal trust

Experience an incredible primal trust and life's abundance, significantly boosting your self-worth.

Live your true self

Discover how to claim your space, set boundaries consciously, and live a self-determined life.

Take this step now and discover unexpected possibilities.

(Liberate yourself from the heaviness)

Happy Customers

This is what previous participants have to say:

Daniel Lietz

Dear Ralph, I really enjoyed your course "Awaken the Shaman Within You." You provide an excellent overview of the topics through a very interesting introduction in five modules. It's great that you illuminate all "teachings" with examples that can be well integrated into everyday life. As someone who has been involved in healing for 12 years, I find it very interesting how all "true" healing methods trace back to the art of maintaining our life energy and increasing our vibration. I also appreciate that you incorporate your knowledge of Qi Gong into the course. Qi Gong also focuses on resolving blockages in the energy system and restoring the flow of energy meridians, though through lessons involving the physical body. My conclusion: A very interesting course with optimal content that makes you want more. Thank you very much and continued success from Daniel in Berlin.

Aneke G.

Dear Ralph, thank you 🙏, this course from you was again super structured and well organized! At the beginning, I was unsure if an online course would be as effective as an in-person one. But my concern was completely unfounded. Quite the opposite! There's nothing better! You structured the modules very well again. They are full of valuable information and great tools. I can go through the courses and exercises at my own pace, rewind, or repeat modules. I've gained a lot of valuable tools to get to know myself better. I was also thrilled with the new ways to connect with nature. It was a completely new experience for me and filled me with great joy. I am deeply grateful to you! Keep it up! 🌸

Rita Martires

I recently completed my healer training with Ralph. It was such a valuable and enriching experience that I wanted to continue working on myself and decided to take this course, "Activate Your Inner Shaman." The modules are well-structured and the content is always on point. I gained many new insights that are very valuable for my life. Ralph is absolutely authentic and has a wonderful way of imparting his knowledge and experiences (always with a touch of humor). I can absolutely recommend the course. Thank you very much, Ralph.


Shortly before the end of the shamanic mentoring, I was offered the shamanic self-healing course. Since this course appealed to me, I was willing to continue my shamanic journey. It turned out to be the "cherry on top" after completing the mentoring. Since then, many things have changed and will continue to change externally, as I can better hold my energy, set boundaries, and show myself authentically. My energy is now available for my growth, and I can celebrate "MY EXISTENCE." The structure of the self-healing course is simply excellent. Ralph gets straight to the point with his explanations and personal experiences, making everything understandable and making you feel accompanied on the journey. In my view, the shamanic self-healing course is highly recommended as it is an eye-opener in every respect.

This is your path to a happily fulfilled life

What You'll Receive in the Online Self-Healing Course

Module 1_ shamanic basics - shamanic self-healing-course

Module 1: Shamanic basics

Understanding clearly:

Everything is one.

Learn all about the spiritual laws and align yourself with the vibration of your own creative power.

You will learn to take responsibility and feel gratitude for what you create.

Module 2: The human energy system - Chakras

The 7 chakras.

Dive into the fascinating world of chakras and gain deep insight into their significance.

Learn which chakra corresponds to which areas of life and how blockages in our energy system occur.

Develop a conscious understanding of your own situation.

module 2: the human energy system -shamanic self-healing-course
module 3: releasing blockages - shamanic self-healing-course Ralph Riedel

Module 3: Releasing blockages

Free yourself!

Discover powerful techniques to dissolve blockages.

Learn how to restore the flow of your energy through meditations and shamanic methods.

Recognize heavy energies and let your emotions flow freely.

Module 4: The book of living nature

Surrounded by life.

Learn about the deep connection with nature and what it means to be one with it.

Gain insight into the elements through practical exercises and enrich your energy with their power.

module 4: the book of living nature - shamanic self-healing-course Ralph Riedel
module 5: your vision - shamanic self-healing-course Ralph Riedel

Module 5: Your vision

Step into your future self.

Find peace within yourself and experience inner balance and well-being.

Awaken a wonderful sense of life and visualize your vision.

(Liberate yourself from the heaviness)

Overview of the Entire Self-Healing Course

Activate your inner Shaman!

shamanic self-healing-course Ralph Riedel

What you receive:

  • Over 15 years of knowledge and support from healer and shaman Ralph Riedel
  • Access to the exclusive member area
  • 5 modules with multiple hours of learning content
  • Practical exercises: meditations, chakra guides, and more
  • Downloadable meditations
  • Access content anytime, anywhere
  • 2 years access to all content & updates

(and experience a life of abundance and inner strength)

*Legal Notice:*

Please note that spiritual healing does not permit the establishment of a diagnosis. The treatment and diagnosis by a doctor or alternative practitioner cannot and should not be replaced. The angelic healing according to RalphRiedel© only provides impulses to restore the balance of body, mind, and soul in terms of holistic healing. This process stimulates and reactivates the body's self-healing powers.

Do you have questions? Here are the answers!

What other participants asked before joining:

Frequently asked questions

For whom is the Shamanic Self-Healing Course suitable?

The Shamanic Self-Healing Course is suitable for anyone who wants to finally free themselves from the heaviness and restlessness in their life and begin living a self-determined life. It marks the start of a new life filled with inner peace, joy, and healing.

Can I do It, or do I need any prerequisites?

No, you don't need any prerequisites. While a basic interest is helpful, the Shamanic Self-Healing Course is designed for beginners, so anyone willing to apply what they learn can take the course.

How long do I have access?

Permanently! Understanding the challenge of finding time for an online course, all videos are kept as short as possible, and access is granted for at least 2 years. You can log in and learn at your own pace.

I can't afford It now.

To make the course more affordable, a 3-month installment plan is available, allowing more people to benefit from it.

And all this with me

Ralph Riedel

Your Mentor | Spiritual Teacher | Shaman

Ralph Riedel proven Expert

Ralph Riedel is an experienced healer and shaman who has been working with clients for over 15 years, constantly expanding his knowledge in energy work and spiritual psychology.

Trained in the traditions of the Blackfoot/Canada and the Andean tradition/Peru, as well as a Qi-Gong teacher, meditation instructor, and hypnotist, he offers the essence of his knowledge in various formats.

Ralph Riedel excels at guiding individuals on their journeys, supporting their growth and development.

His expertise allows him to address participants' needs and blockages deeply, helping them unlock their inner strength and full potential.

Bekannt aus

Ralph Riedel - Mentor, Shaman, spiritual teacher
let go - solve - liberate - with the self-healing-course from Ralph Riedel

The Shamanic Self-Healing Course

What are you waiting for?

If you've read this far, you know that my self-healing course is the key to a happier, freer, and more authentic life - free from blockages and inner heaviness.

  • What if you could create a vision that not only gives you a much better feeling of life but also fills you with balance and inner peace?
  • What if a single chakra meditation could end the blockages and limitations that have burdened you since childhood?
  • What if you finally learned to consciously set boundaries and live your true self?

Live your true self now!

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